Sedative Meds

Stress management

Stress is a normal part of everyday life. We post
We are under pressure, playing the role of friends, acquaintances, spouses, parents, colleagues,
neighbors, students and so on. We have to live not only in harmony with our own measures.
scrap of success, but with the demands of society. Often the scale of what we hope to achieve, and
the scope with which we are going to act may scare: can we cope?

We live in a society where it is accepted twenty-four hours a day to be in touch: existent
round-the-clock non-stop operation. Never before have we been so easily reached
gayy: if we do not correspond by e-mail, then we update the status in Facebook or
upload a photo on Instagram. Being late for a meeting, we are trying to send at the same time
email with the iPad, talk on the phone and listen to the news. At any moment we are
in touch with the vast world – it is impossible to hide; and it changes our attitude to everyday life.
daytime life. Before watching a TV show, you read reviews about it online,
for now, see what you think about his characters on Twitter.

For sure, when you go to bed, you are finally looking at your phone, and in the morning, barely
eyes open, grab him again. Many work harder than before
trying not to lose the job and secure your future. We are constantly excited; from the
howling seconds of awakening we begin to do many things at once, which deprives
opportunities to find a life balance, in addition – others raise the bar
their expectations for our reach.

All this means that today there is no need for specific reasons for insomnia:
a powerful flow of information that you have to recycle every day, like
a tornado crashes down on you, shattering everything around. It is very useful to observe
calm mode, but if you relax, go to bed, and then immediately start
If you plan for tomorrow, then again bring the brain and body into an excited state,
depriving yourself of the opportunity to fall asleep.

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