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Temperature tests

It is better to sleep in the cold, not warm. There is no standard temperature suitable for everyone, but in the second stage of sleep the body temperature naturally drops so that the body continues to function in sleep. You do not want to sharply raise it, going to bed in a stuffy room.

Turn off the heating

  • If you are cold, take out a thick duvet instead of raising the temperature in the room.
  • Buy a hot water heater or warm socks to keep your feet warm. Often, the legs freeze more than the rest of the body, but in this case the whole room should not be heated.
  • Stock up on blankets of varying thickness and change them depending on the season: a thin blanket or sheet in the summer, and a thick one in the winter.
  • Dress according to temperature. It sounds trite, but often we cannot part with what we are used to, even if we know that this is wrong.
  • Open the window if you want fresh air to circulate around the room.

Bedroom behavior log

Next week, after you make these changes (without missing anything!), Start keeping a diary – and evaluate what happened. Has the duration of sleep changed, has the noise interfered? Has the bedroom become more suitable for sleeping? Do you feel calmer entering it? We hope that you will answer in the affirmative: reducing the noise level, darkening the bedroom and keeping it clean will exactly improve your sleep. In addition, awareness of your own thoughts really changes the situation for the better (for example, buy a mask for the eyes or remove the TV from the room). You understand that you control yourself better, therefore you are moving forward.

  • Arrange the bedroom and create a safe haven, you will feel better control sleep.
  • Having made a lot of small changes, you will achieve a serious positive change.
  • Bedroom should only be designed for sleep and sex! Changing the atmosphere in the bedroom will restore the corresponding associations.

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