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The commandments of your bedroom

1. Become the master of your room. Introduce something personal into it, making it a place to have a good time. Hang photos and paintings that provoke happy memories, arrange your favorite knick-knacks, decorate your bedroom with walls covered with shafts and curtains. Let it become your personal space, and not just space.
2. Paint the walls in neutral tones: white, pale gray or cream. Also calm blue and green colors; It has been proven that these shades give a feeling of well-being, while bright ones – red, yellow and orange – have a stimulating effect, excite the feeling that it is not good if you try to fall asleep.

3. Buy room fragrances, incense or essential oils. Entering the bedroom and breathing in the light smell of chamomile, lavender, bergamot, jasmine, rose or sandalwood (they have a calming effect), you will feel relaxed.

4. The results of most studies suggest that bedding should be changed every two weeks so that it does not get clogged by dead skin and does not become impregnated later, which contributes to the spread of various insects and ticks that consider your bed as their home. . (You can not eat in bed, otherwise you will have to share a piece with different insects.) The sheets smelling of freshness are a simple way to make the bedroom cozy.

5. Free your room from junk. Remove your clothes and place a dirty laundry basket in the hallway. Clean space leads to purification of consciousness. Even if you seem to be used to the mess, it will have a negative effect. Losing things, jumping over furniture and cluttering up a bedroom with any nonsense that does not belong in it, you put yourself in danger of stress – and get annoyed (or breathe smelly air).

6. This may seem blasphemous, but get rid of the TV in the room where you sleep. Do not treat the bedroom as an addition to the living room! Remember: this room is only for a pleasant stay.
Make the bedroom an area free of phone, tablet and computer. If you are working or walking on the Internet, lying in bed, this room will be associated with duty, stress and excitement, and not with relaxation and rest. Finally, if there are pets in the house, do not let them go to bed with you.

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