Sedative Meds

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Rules of sleep hygiene

Regardless of what was the initial complaint of insomnia, its main reason is always associated with violation of the rules of sleep hygiene, which means proper preparation for sleep. Indeed, many people who suffer from insomnia, in fact, for many years accumulate…
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Short-term insomnia

Short-term insomnia has a duration of one to three weeks. – Most often it occurs with adjustment disorder : experiences about the death of a loved one, a chronic disease, including severe pain, skin diseases accompanied by itching. This type of insomnia is…
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Episodic insomnia

Episodic insomnia lasts no more than one week. -As a rule, it is the result of emotional stress that occurs in ordinary life or as a result of extreme catastrophic. situations. These can be domestic problems that are associated with negative emotions. Conflicts in…
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