Sedative Meds

Eye diseases

Contusion of the eyeball

The biomechanics of contusion injuries of the eyeball is quite complicated. Under the influence of external force (inflicted blow), the eyeball, despite the fact that its contents are resistant to compression, is deformed. At the same time, intraocular pressure rises, reaching very…
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Choroidal injuries

The most common type of damage to the choroid is its ruptures, which are always accompanied by hemorrhages. As a rule, the detection of a rupture is preceded by the detection of a hemorrhage in the choroid, since only after the…
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Eye contusion treatment

The goal is to eliminate the consequences associated with mechanical damage to the inner membranes of the eye, eyelids and orbit tissues; correction of vascular disorders, post-concussion inflammatory reaction and eye hydrodynamics.The main areas of treatment include:1. Diagnostics with determination of…
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What is an abdominal injury

The end of XX and beginning of XXI century is characterized by a sharp increase in trauma -Semitism, which is associated with increasing traffic flows, high-rise construction and criminalization of society. Especially noticeable these ten Dentsu in major cities. With the exception of traumatic brain injury…
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