Sedative Meds

Eye diseases

ALLERGIC Edema of the eyelids.

The disease manifests itself in the form of Quincke’s edema.Its symptoms: sudden appearance and the same sudden disappearance. Often, edema appears in one eye, swelling mainly the upper eyelid. Edema occurs in persons with allergies to foods (eggs, chocolate, zem lyanika, fish, citrus fruits),…
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Diseases of the eyelids are quite common. Eyelids, covering the front of the eye, protecting it from external actions are factors; e.g., age squinting reflex protects the eyes from foreign bodies, periodic blinking via constant tears contributes Nome wash with corneal and conjunctival fine grains.  The peculiar…
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Paralytic strabismus is caused by paralysis or paresis of one or more oculomotor muscles, caused by various reasons: trauma, tumor, infection, etc.  It is characterized primarily by the absence or restriction of the mobility of the squinting eye towards the paralyzed…
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With the loss of binocular vision, so-called friendly strabismus may occur. In this case, the object fixes only one eye, the second eye, even with high visual acuity, the object does not fix and deviates in one direction or another, which…
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