Sedative Meds

Nervous system

The nervous system is an integral morphological and functional set of various interrelated, nerve structures that, together with the endocrine system, provides interrelated regulation of the activity of all body systems and reaction to changes in the conditions of the internal and external environment. The nervous system acts as an integrative system, linking sensitivity, motor activity and other regulatory systems (endocrine and immune) in one whole.

Sleep paralysis

“IT WAS THREE-FOUR YEARS AGO. I FOLLOWED TO SLEEP AS USUALLY , and then I woke up in the same room, with the same furnishings and lighting. I woke up from the fact that someone was walking around me – I clearly heard…
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Depression in women

The peculiarities of the female psyche determine the greater (in comparison with men) susceptibility of women to various kinds of depressive disorders. Pronounced apathy, sadness, negative mood, which knocks you down so much that it interferes with a normal life for…
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The ability to cope with ordinary life stresses will help to maintain strength, a positive attitude for productive work and communication with loved ones! With prolonged exposure, stress triggers a cascade of physiological reactions that adversely affect health. The heart rate,…
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