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Depression after childbirth

The postpartum period, especially for those who have their first child, is not the most cloudless time. The woman’s body is recovering after a serious test, and the woman herself has to get used to a new role, a new responsibility, a new daily routine, which is sometimes associated with lack of sleep, fatigue and other “pleasant” additions. All this can provoke a phenomenon called “postpartum depression”.

Depression after childbirth is a long period during which a woman does not leave a feeling of despondency, extreme fatigue, tension, sometimes turning into hysterics. A striking symptom is the absence of manifestations of the maternal instinct; the woman begins to feel guilty, which further exacerbates the negative state. Add to this the feeling of loneliness and helplessness – and you understand what postpartum depression looks like.

“Get a hold of yourself! Do not be fancy!” Often, women suffering from depression after childbirth, instead of support, receive just such “motivation”, which in fact does not help to get out of the hole, but, on the contrary, pushes deeper and deeper. It is important for relatives during this period to understand that this is not just strange behavior, because the young mother wants it so much, she simply cannot do otherwise. Just as you can’t tell someone with the flu not to sweat because of a high fever, you can’t say “stop” and hope it will work. Support and help are the best cures for depression. However, the consultation of a psychologist in some cases also does not hurt, because the help of a professional will significantly speed up recovery.  

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