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Episodic insomnia

Episodic insomnia lasts no more than one week.

-As a rule, it is the result of emotional stress that occurs in ordinary life or as a result of extreme catastrophic.

situations. These can be domestic problems that are associated with negative emotions. Conflicts in the family, in the service, exams, change of residence, retirement or termination of an employment contract can cause weekly insomnia. Too strong positive emotions can also lead to insomnia: falling in love, waiting for a joyful event, promotion, unexpected success or gain. The most common episodic insomnia in extreme situations, during natural disasters, social disasters and wars.

Episodic insomnia develops as a result of desynchronization, which is accompanied by a shiftable schedule of work, long-haul flights with a change of time zones. Recall that such sleep disorders appear more often when moving to the west than to the east. This kind of episodic insomnia is typical of the Far East and the Far North, where a watch or expeditionary shift work schedule is organized. People working there have to regularly move through several time zones. Episodic insomnia may also occur in those who live and work in conditions of the polar day or, on the contrary, the polar night.

Often episodic insomnia is associated with violations of the sleep and rest regime, for example, among young people who systematically go to bed late because of a computer or television hobby, as well as night discos or clubs.

The body’s response to the disease can also lead to episodic insomnia. Urgent hospitalization, detection of a new, sometimes terrible disease, exacerbation of chronic pain, carrying out diagnostic procedures and operations often disturb sleep.

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