Sedative Meds

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Healthy sleep

It has long been known that sleep is an active process. We fall asleep because brain areas such as the hypothalamus, thalamus, and frontal lobes increase their function. In this state, the activity of the sleep center located in the brain stem…
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Study of sleep peptides

Thus, as a result of the study, “Sleep peptides” out of chaos against a subject of controversy and disparate data begin to emerge the contours of complex, multi-tier system of biochemical regulation of sleep. Action DSIP analogues of the peptide on sleep…
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Sleep substances

Simultaneously with the work of American authors, the search for the “substance of sleep” took place in Europe. But they were completely independent: ex sharply and chalis and theoretical assumptions, and methods. That turned out to be a horse and h nye results. Swiss scientist M. Monnier…
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Natural sleep

The second half of the twentieth century made a cardinal revolution in nau h nye knowledge of the essence of sleep. It has now been proven that sleep is an immeasurably more complex process than previously thought. Natural sleep is a special congenital condition…
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