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There is a cure for radiation

In order for all of us not to become mutants in the near future, American scientists have developed a drug that can protect humans from radiation.

BBC NEWS reports that the drug is called CBLB502 and is able to block a protein that triggers the cell’s “suicide” mechanism during irradiation. First of all, it is important for those who are recovering from cancer and undergoing radiotherapy. Scientists assure that the treatment will take place without reducing the effectiveness, but now without harm from radiation. No side effects have been identified.

To date, animal tests have been passed and clinical trials are about to begin. Andrey Gudkov of the Lerner Research Institute (Cleveland, Ohio) says, ‚ÄúScientists have tried to develop in healthy cells the ability to avoid self-destruction, which is found in cancer cells, while providing a temporary nature of the effect. Among the properties of the drug Gudkov names a decrease in the toxicity of radiation, which does not affect the anti-cancer effect of radiation therapy and does not cause carcinogenicity induced by ionizing radiation “( Compulenta )

In addition to reducing the side effects of radiation therapy, as well as in nuclear disasters and in the case of extremists using “dirty bombs”, the use of the drug opens up new opportunities in scientific research related to radiation. Especially if you hope that scientists will not stop there.

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