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Sleep disturbance not related to fitness

People who go to a doctor for sleep disorders sometimes talk about manifestations that are not really associated with insomnia, are not a disease, and do not require treatment.

Normal are such actions performed in a dream, like startle and speech activity. They sometimes disturb people because these conditions are mistakenly considered diseases.

Sleepy twitching or flinching in a dream happens to everyone. When a person falls asleep, sometimes there is a feeling of falling and a sharp movement is made so as not to fall. This happens to everyone, is considered normal and does not require treatment.

Talking in a dream ( somnilquia ) also refers to normal phenomena that most often occur during deep sleep. There are no memories of conversation episodes and they do not cause complaints about sleep disturbance. The man himself, who speaks in a dream, is sometimes embarrassed by these conditions, and in order to reassure him that he has not revealed any secrets, relatives should be told that he was mumbling in a dream something unintelligible.

On the other hand, there are sleep disorders that relate to diseases and need medical intervention. These include the so-called parasomnic violations.

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