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Each of us is inclined to slightly exaggerate if we spent a sleepless night, – “I haven’t slept for a minute” or “I slept for a whole hour”.
The problem is that in this case we carry obvious nonsense, assessing how long we slept and how sound our sleep was. But – not out of compassion for oneself and not for the sake of wit. Scientists have found that insomniac sufferers, unlike those who sleep well, significantly underestimate the duration of their sleep and are more likely to report that they have just fallen asleep if they are awakened after the first cycle (the average duration of which is 70–2). 120 minutes). That’s why you shout, “What? I didn’t sleep! ”When
spouse (a) pokes you in the ribs so that you do not snore.
It is very important to find out how much time you sleep – and how much is actually required.
And remember: there is no golden rule of sleep that would be suitable for everyone.
The following strategies will help you understand what is really happening with your sleep.

Mini sleep score

It is very important to reconsider your sleep style – think it over in detail, and not just drop it as “generally hopeless”.
Answer the following questions.
1. Try to answer as precisely as possible:
♦ When did your problem (s) begin to sleep for the first time (s)? ♦ What was the impetus for insomnia?
♦ Were there previously periods when you slept poorly?
2. How long did you sleep badly (now and before)?
♦ Frequency (once a year / once a month, etc.).
♦ The severity of the problem (how serious do you think this problem is)?
♦ Duration (how long did each insomnia period last)?
3. How does a bad dream affect you?
♦ Go back to the list of symptoms in the second chapter and tick off those that really apply to you, and those that have been pushed to read this book.

This is not about right or wrong answers – this is an exercise that should make you think about what is really happening and what you want to change. If you have always been a night owl, it is probably unrealistic and useless to set yourself a goal to sleep for eight hours. Also, when making a mini-assessment, you may realize that this period of problem sleep exactly repeats what you experienced a couple of years ago, when there were also big changes in life. Based on this, you can remember how you handled the last time – and that in the end helped solve the problem. Suspension from the problem will allow you to be objective (oh), which is difficult to do when you are exhausted and not satisfied.

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