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The rules of a happy life

To be and remain a happy person, it is enough to follow some rules and then everything in your life will be fine!

Stop feeling sorry for yourself!

Self-pity is the worst emotion possible. She destroys everything around, succumbing to her, you feel helpless. Stop being a victim, stop feeling sorry for yourself, and be happy.

Be grateful

The modern world is full of vanity, and we are very rarely grateful for the benefits that he gives us. Think right now about everything that you are grateful for: family, health, home – everything. Show gratitude every day and you will be happy . 

Say “Yes” more often

We all say “No!” too often. Try to say “YES!” all events in life more often. Say “Yes” to emotions, situations, social events – and you will be happy.

Follow your state of bliss

In life, we often find ourselves halfway up the stairs, which we do not want to climb. It would be better if we were at the bottom of the staircase that we have the desire to climb. What do you really want to become? Follow your state of “bliss” and be happy.

Learn to let go

Emotions often prevent us from feeling happiness and freedom. Remember, your emotions are not you. Let go of unwanted emotions by asking yourself, “Can I let go of this situation?” Do this and you will be happy.

Do good deeds

Kindness always has two sides. By showing kindness, you feel happier and spread that feeling to someone else. Do more “random acts of kindness” every day — smile at someone, hold the door, buy someone a cup of coffee — and you’ll be happy.

Happiness is possible only TODAY!

Many of us spend our lives anywhere but in the “present.” We are obsessed with our past or our plans for the future, while only the present really exists. Make the decision to be happy TODAY.

Don’t hoard, fill your life with events

Studies show that material goods (various purchases) make us happy only for a short time. Life experiences and experiences bring more joy in general. So enjoy your holiday on a safari, learn a new language, join a dance club and you will be happy.

Appreciate both sides of the coin

How often do we try to “immerse ourselves” in happiness and reject sadness? But both of these emotions are just different sides of the same coin. You cannot find one without the other. Sadness is vital. Do not resist these emotions and you will be happy.

Be more sociable

Extensive research shows that the happiest and most successful people have a wide social circle. How many friends do you have? Be proactive , make more friends, and you’ll be happier.  


The more you love, the happier you become. Try to give a little more love to everything that surrounds you: friends, family, nature, even enemies – open your heart – give them love and you will be happy!


Dreams are the spark plugs of your spirit. They add excitement to every day and help you move forward. What are you dreaming about? Think about it, write down your dreams. Then implement them and you will be happy!

Have fun with little joys

True happiness can be found in small joys and everyday activities. Starting from a daily walk in the suburbs, ending with a light dinner after work. Enjoy it, start your little “rituals” – and you will be happy.

Take everything “as it is”

Many of us take the time to struggle with what is. We fight our own emotions by fostering anger and resentment. Accept everything as it is right now. Change the situation if you can, but first, accept it and be happy.

Exercise and eat right

You are as happy as your lifestyle allows. For optimal happiness, try to walk for 40 minutes every day. Take nutritional supplements with Omega3 – eat more fish, nuts, cheese. Enjoy and you will be happy.

See everything from afar

We often begin to look at life in a new way, having experienced the loss of a family member or a serious illness. However, don’t expect life to remind you of the essentials in this way. Remember your true priorities right now – be happy.

Laugh, dance, smile!

Laugh at the madness in our lives. Arrange a splash of fun and enjoyment to the maximum. Surround yourself with happiness – beautiful music, dance lessons, evenings with friends.

Smile and everything in your life will be fine.

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