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Why sleeping pills cause insomnia

Most side effects of sleeping pills are well known. However, in addition to the “medical” side effects of these drugs, there are also more dangerous psychological and emotional side effects. An important and indisputable fact about the concurrence is as follows:

Sleeping pills increases insomnia.

Please note that this statement has nothing to do with the temporary exacerbation of insomnia, which occurs when you give up sleeping pills. Since insomnia is treated as a disease by physicians, the emotional and psychological side of the problem is almost neglected. Think of a hidden message that is implied every time a doctor prescribes a sleeping pill: “These pills will help you fall asleep.”
At first this thought can be soothing, since now you can disclaim responsibility and stop worrying. However, no one says that by removing the responsibility, you lose your power. If you need a pill to fall asleep, it is assumed that you cannot fall asleep on your own. Each time you take a sleeping pill, all positive results will be attributed to him. As a result, you start believing in medicine more and less and less in yourself until you lose all faith in your ability to sleep. When your self-confidence dissipates, natural and light sleep becomes just a ghostly memory.
If doctors, prescribing sleeping pills, would talk with the patient about the fact that he should not lose his faith in himself, then perhaps the negative effect of these drugs would be somewhat reduced. Instead, patients are simply prescribed dangerous pills, without explaining how to deal with the causes of the problem. Therefore, all hypnotic drugs cause not only physical but also moral dependence. The truth is that
Any artificial support will deprive you of the belief that you can sleep on your own.
This is the main reason why sleeping pills never cure insomnia. The problem will always be with you, and it will get worse as soon as you stop taking the medicine or it stops being effective. Therefore, sleeping pills only aggravate insomnia.
The method presented in this book does not involve medication. His goal is to restore the normal ability of a person to sleep without assistance, which no pill can make.

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