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Women about delayed motherhood

IF YOU GIVE A CHILD IN THE NEAR FUTURE there is no opportunity or desire, it is reasonable to use the delayed motherhood program. Cryopreservation, that is, the collection of eggs with their subsequent freezing, makes it possible to delay pregnancy and become a mother when the woman wants it and is ready. For a joint project with the Clinical Hospital on Yauza, three heroines told us why they do not want to give birth now, but do not exclude such a possibility in the future.      

I can’t imagine how a child will appear in my beautiful life and I will be forced to adapt to him 

As a child, I did not play mothers and daughters, I did not have bobbleheads, even the scarce American Barbies donated by my parents did not interest me . I never wanted children. When I was 20-25, I was told that my time had not come yet. Now I’m 30, I don’t want children. And to continue to hate each year. Why? We have always had a tense relationship with our parents, and, despite the fact that I was surrounded by care from all sides, it rather strangled me. I can’t even call my teenage happy.      

I can’t imagine how a child will appear in my wonderful life and I will have to adapt to him. Even the dog that I got, having once freaked out, has been oppressing me for eight years now, depending on her schedule. I really love to work and earn money: I devote about 18 hours a day to my career . I can leave home at eight in the morning and come at night, or I can fly to Paris. I have no time for a potential child. And forces too. I just want to live for myself.  

My partners change, but the decision remains. So the stories about “you just haven’t met that one yet” are, in my opinion, complete nonsense. The young man today does not agree with my principles, so I try to avoid talking about this topic. But I do not hide my attitude to motherhood and am aware of my extreme degree of selfishness. I want to feel 100% free. Even such a natural stress for the body as pregnancy, I would like to pass on to someone else. Therefore, I am considering surrogacy.     

Even such a natural stress for the body as pregnancy, I would like to pass on to someone else.  

Parents have already given up on me, they only sigh sadly in the corners. But they are no longer pressing. I do not discuss such things with friends: there are more relevant and interesting topics for conversation. 

Two years ago, my gynecologist warned me that if I do not give birth in a year, then this may never happen again. Probably, this news made me think ten years ahead. Everything is changing, and my attitude towards children can also change. It is not known what will happen to me at 40. I like to insure myself on all issues and would like to have a choice. So far I am only at the stage of studying the issue. I don’t think it will cause me any special emotions. An ordinary visit to the doctor, just with an investment in the future. I don’t want children, but I want to put straws on myself. 

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