How come your prices are the lowest?

We are the online platform offering generic medications at their actual prices. We do not rent big spaces for offices. We work directly with the suppliers of the medications. It means that all orders will be sent directly from the manufacturer’s plant. So, there are no extra prices for services of other suppliers. That is why our prices are low.

What is the quality of medications?

The quality of medications we are offering is no worse than medications from common pharmacies. They have the same chemical composition. But the name may slightly differ, as we offer Generic products. All medications have been approved by FDA. We do not sell unlicensed medications.

Who may make an order?

Our website is open for all customers who are 18 years old, and older. We do not sell medications to children, or teenagers. All medications are intended for adults only.

Do you need a medical prescription?

We do not ask for any medical prescriptions. However, we do insist on consulting a doctor before taking any medications.

Do you have any pill limitations?

No limitations. Any number of the pills may be ordered on our platform. You may buy several packs at once.

Can I pay for the pills after I have received them?

No. You should pay for your order before the shipment. Otherwise, we do not send any package.

What payment systems do you work with?

We work with known international payment systems. These are Visa, and MasterCard. Echecks are also accepted. Cryptocurrencies may be also used.

Could you send the package to another person?

You may indicate address of a person you want to send the package to. The name of addressee should be correct. Make sure to warn us if you want to send the package to another person.

What countries do you send packages?

The shipment is worldwide.

Are there any extra fees for the package?

It depends on your customs in your country. In general, there are no extra fees for the packages.

When will an order arrive?

In most cases the shipment period will take from 5 to 10 business days. It depends on a transportation company you select.

What shipping method should I use?

We work with the reliable international companies to transport all packages. More information may be found on Shipping Policy page. There are EMS and AirMail options. Select a company that is more comfortable for you.

Will I have side effects while taking sedative pills?

It depends on many factors. A human body is unique, and any person may have various reactions during the use of one or another medicine. Please, read the indications for the use before taking the medicines. In case of any adverse events, stop taking the medicine and consult your physician. You may probably have taken a wrong dosage, or the medicine is not working for you.

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