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Checklist: 10 Eating Habits That Only Seem to Help

Eating disorders are commonly associated with anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa, two diagnoses that are especially heard. But there are other ADRs, including psychogenic overeating and psychogenic loss of appetite; in the ICD-10 is, and the item “other unadjusted eating disorders” – this group includes a disorder of…
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Women about delayed motherhood

IF YOU GIVE A CHILD IN THE NEAR FUTURE there is no opportunity or desire, it is reasonable to use the delayed motherhood program. Cryopreservation, that is, the collection of eggs with their subsequent freezing, makes it possible to delay pregnancy and become…
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Conspiracy Theory: Is It True That Almost Everyone Has Lyme Disease

IN THE LAST COUPLE OF YEARS, we have often heard about Lyme disease – for example, Shania Twain , Avril Lavigne , Alec Baldwin , and more recently Justin Bieber talked about this infection . We figure out why this disease is so actively talked about, whether it is chronic and what does the conspiracy theory have to do with it .               What it…
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Healthy and rich: How money affects well-being

SCIENTISTS UNDERSTOOD THE INCREDIBLE: to be healthy and live longer, you just need to be rich. What could be easier? Of course it was sarcasm. However , not all research about money is like a joke for Twitter – many of them are at least curious and at the most useful. We tried to collect information…
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What you need to know about human papillomavirus

HUMAN PAPILLOMA VIRUS (HPV) IS EXTREMELY DISTRIBUTED ALL OVER THE WORLD. It is directly related to the development of cervical cancer, from which, according to WHO, more than 300 thousand women died in 2018 . In a joint project with the Invitro laboratory network , we tell you how to detect HPV infection, whether you can get vaccinated from it and what myths about the virus should not be…
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