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Conspiracy Theory: Is It True That Almost Everyone Has Lyme Disease

IN THE LAST COUPLE OF YEARS, we have often heard about Lyme disease – for example, Shania Twain , Avril Lavigne , Alec Baldwin , and more recently Justin Bieber talked about this infection . We figure out why this disease is so actively talked about, whether it is chronic and what does the conspiracy theory have to do with it .               What it…
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What you need to know about human papillomavirus

HUMAN PAPILLOMA VIRUS (HPV) IS EXTREMELY DISTRIBUTED ALL OVER THE WORLD. It is directly related to the development of cervical cancer, from which, according to WHO, more than 300 thousand women died in 2018 . In a joint project with the Invitro laboratory network , we tell you how to detect HPV infection, whether you can get vaccinated from it and what myths about the virus should not be…
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