Sedative Meds

Sleep disturbance

Disturbances or sleep disorders are difficulties in waking or falling asleep. Sleep disorders have serious consequences for a person’s psychosomatic state. There are more than 80 sleep disorders. Insomnia (insomnia) – the most common of them. In a moderate form, about 10% of people suffer from this, and in the severe form – every hundredth. Chronic insomnia is a disorder that requires the help of a specialist or the abandonment of established habits. Sometimes the reason is purely physical – such as arthritis, leg cramps, back pain, rapid urination.

However, more often chronic insomnia is the result of an unhealthy lifestyle. “Learned” insomnia, or more precisely – conditioned reflex, arises in cases when people, being in anxious or stressful condition, try to fall asleep, disconnect, to at least a little rest. As a result, a kind of conditioned reflex arises: even when nothing bothers us, one kind of bed causes fear of another sleepless night.

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