Sedative Meds

To stop crying your teeth

– During the day, take care of yourself, do not grit your teeth – this will reduce the desire to gnash them. The teeth should touch each other only while swallowing and chewing food.

– Eat apples and other hard foods before you go to bed. This is especially helpful for children for whom grinding their teeth at night is common.

– Apply a warm compress to your jaws, which will ease muscle tension, which is often accompanied by headache.

– Try to relax to reduce the effects of stress:

– reduce the consumption of caffeine and carbohydrates in the diet, which will improve the overall nutrition;

– take warm relaxing baths, preferably with the addition of pine extract or sea salt;

– do not overload yourself with work, especially in the evening; – learn to relax.

Principles of insomnia treatment

The optimal approach to treating insomnia is to recognize the multifactorial cause of its occurrence. Most often it is not the sleep disorders that have to be treated, but the disease that led to them. Sometimes it is necessary to eliminate the traumatic situation that has become a source of insomnia. As a rule, it is very difficult to recognize the main cause of insomnia in a particular person. This requires the experience of a doctor, thoughtfulness, a carefully collected history, examination, and only then can the treatment be started. Sometimes they choose a simpler way to correct sleep – the appointment of sleeping pills.

Statistics show that about 15% of patients use medications for insomnia. You need to know that regular intake of sleeping pills for several weeks or months leads to a decrease in sensitivity to them. As a result, the effectiveness of drugs decreases and therefore it is necessary to use all large doses to achieve a hypnotic effect.

Drug therapy is always prescribed in conjunction with sleep hygiene. Sometimes only the implementation of the rules of sleep without prescribing drugs allows you to completely restore it. Be sure to treat and the underlying disease, which led to insomnia, including pharmacological agents. And in this case it is fundamentally correct – to choose the schemes and doses of medications, because some of them disturb normal sleep. Psychotherapy or autogenic training is used to treat insomnia syndrome if insomnia originates in psychological problems or stress. Relaxing techniques of autogenic training are very effective, because they provide a state of rest, quickly turning into a healthy sleep.

Standard rules on the dose and duration of intake of sleeping pills do not exist. The medicine must be selected individually by the attending physician. The main task is to keep the effective dose as low as possible, and the course as short as possible. Usually, use 1-3 tablets or capsules at night, starting with the smallest dose of the content of the active substance in them. The duration of the course is from 1-2 days to 1-2 weeks, which is sufficient with proper treatment.

Only for chronic insomnia will a longer course be required. Then it is recommended to begin treatment with several short courses. This is due to the fact that long-acting drugs are slowly excreted from the body due to the ability to accumulate, gradually increasing its concentration in the tissues of the body. In the “light gap” you need not take sleeping pills at all for 1-2 weeks. Such cleansing of the body from the drug – “sanitary days” – allows us to assess the need and effectiveness of their destination.

It is advisable to check every 3-6 months whether there is a need for sleeping pills. For this it is useful not to lose contact with your doctor, visiting him prophylactically.

In the event that treatment is carried out by psychotherapy, it is all the same, for the first time it is necessary to take sleeping pills 2-3 times a week.

Sleeping pills are prescribed only individually, taking into account the peculiarities of the violation of sleep patterns and the causes of insomnia. The ideal sleeping medicine should act instantly, helping you to fall asleep quickly and not have a harmful effect on the various phases of normal sleep. The drug should not cause drowsiness that spreads throughout the next day, affect memory, coordination of movements and speed of mental reactions.

Most of the hypnotic drugs are prescription and are prescribed by the attending physician according to strict indications on the recipes with a round seal. A small number of drugs can be purchased without a prescription.

All prescription hypnotics inhibit the physical and mental activity of a person. Drugs that have a shorter half-life are less effective next day. Their other side effect is the so-called anterograde amnesia – loss of memory about events that occurred after taking the medicine. Another problem associated with prescription hypnotics is the resumption of insomnia. This usually occurs after stopping the drug. At the same time, there is a gradual deterioration of sleep over a number of nights, which makes it necessary to resume the intake of sleeping pills. This complication is more often observed when using the drug with a short half-life of elimination. The action of sleeping pills with a long half-life decreases gradually,and therefore, with the cancellation does not cause the resumption of insomnia. The abolition of sleeping pills, used in high doses, also causes sleep disorders more often. Therefore, it is better to take small doses of sleeping pills.

Appointment of hypnotics necessarily takes into account not only the indications, but also contraindications to them.

In which cases you can not take hypnotics:

– If they are not prescribed by a doctor.

– If there is no accurate diagnosis of the cause of insomnia.

– Together with alcohol.

– When sleeping pills give drowsiness during the day.

– Pregnant and lactating mothers.

– Patients with impaired breathing during sleep.

– You can not take sleeping pills for a long time to eliminate psychological dependence.

There are rules for taking sleeping pills, which should be followed when taking medication. Drinking sleeping pills should be if:

– the doctor prescribed;

– no longer than 2-3 weeks for the treatment of short-term insomnia;

– Once every 2-3 days for chronic insomnia;

– in the minimum dose, giving effect.

When using sleeping pills, you must take precautions and do not self-medicate. First of all, it concerns:

– old people;

– when taking a large number of other drugs;

– in case of renal failure;

– with associated lung diseases;

– if the patient is suffering from a mental illness or depression;

– when snoring;

– when the profession requires a clear head in the morning (drivers, firefighters, doctors, dispatchers, conveyor workers, etc.).

Your doctor will determine which sleeping pill is appropriate for solving sleep problems and, most importantly, how it is combined with the rules of life, with other diseases and medications.

So, we must remember that insomnia is a real complaint caused by real problems. That is why you should go to the doctor so that insomnia does not poison everyday life. After all, there is salvation from insomnia!

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