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When falling asleep throws out of sleep

Sleep is a vital basis for rest, especially for people with neuroses, phobias, vegetative-vascular dystonia and other CNS disorders. In the dormant state, vegetation is being repaired , the energy reserves of the whole organism are being restored , so that the next day starts fruitfully and vigorously. Unfortunately, a person does not always manage to get a good night’s sleep. And those who need strong dreams in the first place suffer from the fact that they are not able to receive them.
Sometimes, having all the opportunities for a good night’s rest (quiet neighbors, the desire to go to bed on time, the absence of insomnia, etc.), a person nevertheless suffers a fiasco. He is simply thrown out of sleep as soon as the first phase begins. This is more than a shame, especially if a person devotes enough time to rest at night. I can’t get enough sleep. As if the brain suddenly changes its mind in favor of being awake and wakes up the owner. Why does this happen?

Etiology and pathogenesis

Tachycardia at night is often accompanied by unpleasant symptoms such as a feeling of fear and a feeling of lack of air. A person wakes up prematurely, his body is covered with cold sweat, and his heart is beating hard. Chest pain and darkening of the eyes may occur. Some people think that these sensations arose as a result of a nightmare, but they cannot remember the dream.

As a result of the influence of external or internal factors, the conductivity of electrical impulses is disturbed, which create the heart rhythm. In Depending on where these pulses occur, tachycardia divided into paroxysmal and sinus.

When failure sinus form and upregulation occurs in sinoatrilnom node and pulse slowly rises to 120-220 beats per 60 seconds. With paroxysmal tachycardia, rhythm disturbances usually occur in the atria and ventricles.

This condition manifests itself in the form of seizures that arise suddenly and can last for a few minutes or more than one day. Throughout the attack, the heart beats at a fairly high frequency.

An increased heartbeat leads to a disruption in the movement of blood through the vessels. Too frequent contraction of the heart prevents the ventricles from filling completely with blood, and the volume of ejected blood decreases. As a result, organs and tissues do not receive the amount of nutrients and oxygen they need for normal functioning, and blood pressure decreases.

Tachycardia often causes cardiopathy , myocardial infarction, and coronary heart disease.

Caution: Corvalol !

Sometimes a nocturnal heartbeat is just a signal from the body for help. In fact, the pulse is fast during the day, but we are so busy with things that we do not feel it. And at night, when the body is relaxed and there is silence around, we suddenly realize: the heart is beating harder than usual. And it is impossible to fall asleep, because it is not clear what is happening with this vital organ. What if an attack occurs?
Many people who get into such trouble begin to abuse Corvalol or Valocordin. The drops somewhat soften the situation, the heart begins to beat more muffled, smoother, and sleep is not far off. During the day, when a strong heartbeat is not felt like this (or does not bother at all), not a drop or a doctor is needed. And the person postpones the visit to the doctor, latently hoping: this time, maybe it will pass, and I will sleep normally. But it doesn’t go away.

Meanwhile, drug dependence is increasing. Drops on phenobarbital are dangerous in that they are addictive and each time they require an increase in dosage. Long-term use threatens chronic poisoning and a reduced response to all other drugs. Imagine one day you need to take a life-saving pill and it won’t work.

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If heart beats interfere with sleep, and this happens regularly, it is necessary to identify the cause and eliminate it – on your own or with the help of a specialist.

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