Sedative Meds

Why is it so important to relax?

It is necessary to change the physical perception of preparation for bed to bring oneself to a suitable frame of mind. If you are screwed up like a boxer, then do not disconnect until someone knocks you out.
Usually, relaxation is resorted to as a treatment for insomnia. The psyche cannot be agitated if you are physically completely relaxed. The results of many studies conducted in the last thirty years have shown that the feeling of relaxation has a positive effect on how people assess the quality of their sleep, and on how quickly they fall asleep (on average, 20–30 minutes faster). It’s amazing how hard it is to rest if you are under stress. If you are afraid to go to bed, the body reacts accordingly: the muscles tighten, the pulse rises, the brain works to the full extent. He is aware of the feeling of fear and is preparing you either for fighting or for escaping danger. This is the most unfavorable mental and physical condition for going to sleep from all that can be imagined.

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