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It develops most often after infect bathrooms injuries century or local purulent inflammations (The ball Men, boils, ulcerative blepharitis). Inflammation can occur metastatically with septic foci in other organs. An abscess develops acutely with increasing spilled compaction of the subcutaneous tissue of the eyelid. Eternally edematous, skin tense, hyperemic, hot to the touch. Palpation is sharply painful. At the stage of necrosis of tissue attached to melt fluctuation, in this place through the skin mo Jette shine yellowish pus.  


Emergency first aid .

  • On significant inward 1g sulfadimethoxine, sulfapiridazin and or other sulfa drugs.  
  • Spend vnut intramuscularly injection of 500,000 IU benzylpenicillin as a single dose or a different antibiotic. 
  • Immediately directed lyayut for hospital treatment in the eye department of the pain of Nice, which must be made autopsy abscess. 


  • In early disease, in step infilt rata prescribed dry heat, ultrahigh those rapiyu. 
  • The conjunctival sac is instilled 30% stretch thief sulfatsil sodium least 5-6 times per day.  
  • It is necessary to prescribe sulfonamide drugs inside and antibiotics intramuscularly.  
  • When the doctor or nurse fluctuations about plague autopsy abscess drainage cavity Nakle dyval dressings with hypertonic sodium chloride solution , washed cavity antibiotics.  


This inflammation of the edges of the eyelids is one of the most frequent and extremely persistent eye diseases, which can last for many years in the form of a scaly simple and ulcerative form.

Such stubborn ones chenie due to the diversity of its causes. It can be diseases of the gastrointestinal tract ( gastritis, peptic ulcer, pathology of the biliary tract ), endocrine and metabolic disorders ( diabetes , etc.), allergies, helminthic invasion, vitamin deficiency. Pathological processes in the paranasal sinuses ( sinusitis ), dental caries, uncorrected refractive errors (astigmatism, farsightedness), and stay in a polluted, dusty room support blepharitis .      

Scaly blepharitis can manifest itself as a mild redness of the edges of the eyelids. Patients complain of itch, the sensation in the eyes of debris, rapid mi ganie with sodium foamy appearance in detachable canthus corners, eye fatigue when visual load, particularly at night under artificial light. When expressed clinical picture of the lid margin Vaglen DYT constantly red, thickened. The skin at the roots of the eyelashes is covered with small dry or grayish-white bran-shaped scales resembling dandruff on the head. If these scales are removed, then sharply hyperemic thinned skin is exposed under them. Patients complain of constant painful itching throughout the eyelids, eye sensitivity to dust, artificial light. Pain nym difficult to read, especially in the evenings. 


Ulcerative blepharitis is the most severe, persistent form. Purulent crusts accumulate at the edge of the eyelids, eyelashes are glued together, after falling off the crusts, bleeding sores along the edges of the eyelids remain, eyelashes drop out. On the edges of the eyelids there are areas where the eyelashes do not grow correctly (towards the eyeball, in bunches) – trichiasis or do not grow at all – medarosis. After healing of the ulcers, scars remain, the edges of the eyelids are deformed, an inversion or inversion of the eyelid may develop.


Treatment of blepharitis requires perseverance, tscha telnosti in the implementation of all procedures.

  • First of all, no necessity to identify the cause and resolve the disease. It is necessary to exclude diabetes, worm infestation, diseases of the stomach and intestines, check refraction and optionally go to assign points.  
  • Of great importance are common restorative treatment, as well as activities that increase the body’s resistance: the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract, de-worming, treatment of chronic infections, tonsillitis, rhinitis, dental health, desensitizing treatment and a number of other events.  
  • It is mandatory hygienic mustache lovy at home and at work, a rational diet with a diet rich in vitamins.
  • In the treatment of ulcerative blepharitis, all crusts are carefully removed first. For their softening lubricate the lid margin vayut fish oil, liquid paraffin or any sul fanilamidnoy ointment. 
  • The first 2-3 days of the site of ulceration are quenched with alcohol, 1% alcohol solution of brilliant green or 5% solution of silver nitrate.   
  • Quickly remove applications inflammation phenomena on the lid margin cotton strips smo chennyh solutions of one of the antibiotics, such as penicillin, erythromycin or neomycin (in 1 ml solution of 100 000 – 250 000 IU). Tampons are applied for 10-15 minutes up to 4 times a day.     
  • At night, the edges of the eyelids are lubricated with one of the ointments listed above. Some people may have increased sensitivity to antibiotics. In these cases, ointments from sulfanilamide preparations can be used . If purulent crusts are no longer formed, lubrication of the edges of the eyelids with corticosteroid ointments (0.5-1% hydrocortisone ointment) can be recommended. 
  • When persistent disease course appointed vitami us (reception yeast beverage inside, vitamins pills, injections of vitamins B1, B6, etc.).  
  • Spend autohaemotherapy (appoints and supervises the doctor) as vnutrimyshech GOVERNMENTAL autologous blood injection.


Due to the variety of causes of blepharitis, careful readjustment of the whole organism and the elimination of the etiological factors: early detection and treatment of ventricular disease but-intestinal tract, metabolic diseases, checking refraction and assignment corrective eyeglasses, brushing the oral cavity and other foci of chronic infections, general health and hygiene measures (eye protection when working in a dusty room, eyelid skin care, etc.).

It should be noted that it is harder to treat cheshuycha fifth and especially ulcerative blepharitis. Therefore, when the signs of squamous blepharitis patient need tscha tion survey and a full course of treatment to prevent the transition to the -more severe clinical form it.

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