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Diphtheria eye (diphtheria kon yunktivit)

This disease is caused by Leffler’s wand . It is rare as an isolated disease, more often combined with diphtheria of the nose, throat, larynx. The disease is usually observed, those children who have not been conducted or not conducted fully profilak cal vaccination against diphtheria. Today, thanks to the implementation of mandatory protivodiftery GOVERNMENTAL vaccinations for all children Diphtheria eye occurs only rarely and mainly in children under 5 years old. Occurs when infected from patients with diphtheria. Pere given infection from the patient to a healthy, directly or through third parties. 

The disease begins with severe edema, hyperemia, soreness and tightening of the eyelids. Remove the lids impossible possible. A cloudy liquid with flakes is released from the palpebral fissure. At the edges of the eyelids gray plaque films are visible. They extend to the conjunctiva of the eyelids and the eyeball. The films are tightly bound to the underlying tissue, it is difficult to remove them, after removing the films the mucous membrane bleeds heavily.

Often the first days in the process involves the cornea, where there are multiple yn filtrate, ulceration, necrotic areas. In tyazhe mated cases can occur decay, and perforation of the cornea with the death of eyes.

Disease characterized by common features diphtheria: high fever, headache, weakness, tenderness, and an increase of regional lymph cally nodes in typical cases tonsillar pain Nogo are gray film, tightly glued is subject to conductive fabrics.

Emergency assistance predoctor in diphtheria eye consists in isolation of the patient and administration of diphtheria serum of 1000 antitok classically units (AU) per 1 kg body weight of spo soba Alexandre Besredka and derivatives direction patient in infectious hospital nursery. 


  • The patient is isolated in a box of children’s Institute infectious department.
  • Enter diphtheria sy knob (if indicated).
  • Shiro used antibiotics someone spectrum parenterally and topically , vitamin A and B complex inside and locally in the drops.
  • In early disease designate frequent eyewash solution of boric kis lots and potassium permanganate, in an eye instillation solutions sulfatsil -sodium or antibiotics.
  • At night, 1% syntomycin liniment or 1% tetracycline ointment is placed in the conjunctival sac.
  • When complications from Storo us cornea necessary to carry out the appropriate le chenie aimed at improving corneal power, STI mulirovanie epithelialization of erosions and ulcerations.
  • When stihanii inflammatory phenomena designate absorbable conductive means.

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