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This is an acute purulent inflammation volo syanogo bag or sebaceous gland at the root of the lashes. The disease is most often caused by staphylococci. 

In a limited area near the edge of the eyelid appears flushing of a painful swelling. Inflammatory infilt rat rather quickly increases, accompanied by swelling of the century, and sometimes bulbar conjunctiva. On the 2nd – 3rd day, the infiltrate purulently melts, the tip of the swelling acquires a yellowish color. On the 3-4th day, the head of barley breaks out with the release of pus and necrotic tissue, after which the pain immediately decreases, the inflammatory phenomena subside. Swelling and hyperemia of the skin disappear by the end of the week. Sometimes barley is accompanied by headache, fever, swelling of the regional lymph nodes.


There is a purulent inflammation of the glands of the cartilage century, so the greater the inflammation is expressed by the conjunctiva, and to the same breaks contain zhimoe barley.
Barley is dangerous for its complications arising from improper patient care and treatment. Unacceptable ma attempt to squeeze out the pus from the abscess of barley. This can lead to the spread of the purulent process through the vessels deep into the tissues of the eye socket and cause life-threatening complications such as eye phlegmon, thrombophlebitis, cavernous sinus thrombosis, purulent meningitis.

Emergency first aid is not required.


  • At the beginning of inflammation, the skin of the eyelid is lubricated with antiseptic solutions, ointments (70% alcohol, 1% yellow mercury ointment, 1% solution of brilliant green).  
  • Prescribe ultra-high-frequency therapy, dry heat. You can not apply compresses, lotions, since they cause swelling of the eyelids, lead to the spread of inflammation.  
  • In the eyes 6-8 times a day instilled 15-30% stretch thieves sulfatsil -sodium. 
  • When the temperature rises, you expressions swelling of the eyelids, increasing regional limfati iCal nodes, as well as persistent current barleys need inside appoint antibiotics, sulfa prepa Rata. 
  • If the barley began abstsedirovat , t. E. There was pus ny rod, heat treatments are canceled. When retsi diviruyuschem barley during the patient’s need explores Vat blood on sterility , on the content of sugar in it, to conduct a survey to identify the foci of chronic infection. 
  • When the barley is conducted recurrent general strengthening therapy (assignment of brewer’s yeast, injecting tion dragees and vitamins B, C, autohaemotherapy).

Prevention barleys includes sanitation foci of chronic infections (oral cavity, sinuses, etc.)., Eye protection when operating in a dusty environment and about scheozdorovitelnye actions (food rich vitami contact, hardening of the body).

Chalazion or city.

This is a chronic proliferative inflammation of the glands of the cartilage of the eyelid.
It flows about this process of almost painless. In the thickness of the cartilage of the eyelid, a seal appears, which increases in size to a large pea. A local bulge of the eyelid is visible, the color of the skin above it is not changed, the skin is mobile. On the part of the conjunctive tivy seen whitish-yellow contents of the chalazion .


  • When a small-sized and non-durable existing chalazion can be used drugs that resolving action (1% yellow mercury Nye ointment topically ). Thermal treatments are contraindicated, they can stimulate the growth of chalazion .   
  • For large or long-existing chalazion patient directed lyayut to the optometrist for operative excision in their preamble -valued conditions. Hulling of chalazion is carried out from the conjunctiva.
  • Patient Care in posleopera -insulating period comprises conjunctive cavity lavage solution furatsilina 1: 5000, installation 15-30% solutions sulfatsil -sodium.

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