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Acute infectious conjunctivitis, viral and bacterial, have many common symptoms. Such conjunctivitis is contagious . Acute conjunctivitis begins first in one eye, and soon in the other.
Patients complain of a feeling of clogging (“sand”), burning or itching in the eye, its redness, lacrimation or mucopurulent discharge from the eye. Having woken up in the morning, the patient hardly opens his eyes, since the eyelids are glued together by pus dried up on the eyelashes. The history may be observed in the dust entering the eye, cooling or overheating, bathing in neprotoch prefecture reservoir, a general weakening of the body, nasal disease, flu-like state, contact with a patient conjunctions tivitom man.

On examination of the conjunctiva, the eyelids are sharply hyperemic, bright red, swollen or loosened. In the transition folds thickened conjunctiva becomes excessive, going to fold, can Obra Call of papillae and follicles.
The eyeball is also hyperemic, especially in areas adjacent to the arches (superficial conjunctival injection). The conjunctiva of the sclera swells, becomes thickened, in some cases gelatinous. Sometimes the edematous conjunctiva protrudes from the palpebral fissure and is infringed between the edges of the eyelids chemosis ). 

The most characteristic feature is conjunctivitis is a distinguished mucus or pus from the conjunctival sac. In acute conjunctivitis during a thicker conjunctions tivy appear small hemorrhages.
Improper or delayed treatment of conjunctivitis is fraught with a complication – inflammation of the cornea (keratitis ) up to its purulent fusion.

Emergency First aid for acute infectious conjunctivitis is primarily in the isolation of the patient at home with Observed deniem sanitary-epidemiological regime in order to pre warnings related to the spread of infection. 


  • Removal purulent optionally go primarily assign frequent washing conjunctival cavity used for this purpose a 2% solution of boric acid solution furatsilina 1: 5000 or potassium permanganate solution is 1: 5000. When washing should be widely breed for ever and irrigation itself produ dit of special undinki or with a rubber balloon.    
  • Between rinses, antibacterial drops are installed in the conjunctival cavity with an interval of 2-3 hours for 7-10 days. Since it is often acute conjunctivitis caused coccal flora, the most expedient to appoint sulfa drugs and antibiotics: 30% solution sulfatsil -sodium, 1% tensile thief tetracycline (to determine the etiology of conjunctivitis, then you need to go to the causal treatment).      
  • At night eyelids lay ointment sulfanilamide GOVERNMENTAL preparations (10-30% ointment sulfatsil -sodium 5% norsulfazolovaya ointment) or antibiotics (tetracycline 1% ointment, liniment sintomitsina 1%).  

Care for patients with acute infectious conjunctivitis in a hospital setting is to isolate the patient in a separate ward. He is given an individual set of eye drops and ointments. After each instillation, the eye droppers change. The nurse should ensure that the patient conducts an eye toilet using medical wipes, separate for each eye. 

When unilateral infectious -insulating conjunctivitis need to ensure that patients do not touch the hands of a healthy eye, wash their hands frequently, do not use other people’s household items. The groups of children should be particularly severely isolate pain GOVERNMENTAL children from healthy due to the very rapid spread of infection. Healthy children should not be allowed to use toys and books that were in use by patients. Door handles need dezinfi -skilled solution of mercuric chloride 1: 1000 cotton swabs and wipes used by the patients should Sobi army and burn. Often need to irradiate the premises kvar tsevoy lamp.

At home, the patient must be placed in a separate room. To reduce the possibility of Zara zheniya family members, especially children, should be allocated separate towels for him, dishes, books, toys and other items to make sure that no one would lie down on his bed. The patient should not touch hands Door GOVERNMENTAL handles, faucets, light switches and other objects of common use. After touching it, they must be treated with a disinfectant solution.

In acute conjunctivitis, in no case should a blindfold be applied. Under the blindfold, blinking movements of the eyelids are impossible, contributing to the evacuation of the purulent discharge from the conjunctival cavity, as a result of which favorable conditions are created for the development of microbial flora and complications of the cornea.

Prevention of acute conjunctivitis conclude chaetsya in personal hygiene: the patient should not touch eyes with dirty hands, use common soap, towel, etc. If in the family, kindergarten, school or dormitory found patients with acute conjunctivitis, care should be taken to WARNING.. to the spread of the disease. Sick children should not attend school and pre-school facilities. 

It is recommended that all persons who were in contact with the patient, for prophylactic purposes, instill a 30% solution of sulfacyl sodium in their eyes for 2-3 days .
Until no purulent secretions req Dimo daily to change towels, bed. underwear, categorically prohibit the use of household items, etc.

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