Sedative Meds

ALLERGIC Edema of the eyelids.

The disease manifests itself in the form of Quincke’s edema.
Its symptoms: sudden appearance and the same sudden disappearance. Often, edema appears in one eye, swelling mainly the upper eyelid. Edema occurs in persons with allergies to foods (eggs, chocolate, zem lyanika, fish, citrus fruits), medicines, household chemicals (powders, paints, etc..). Help for such patients consists in eliminating the action of the allergen (prescribing a special diet, eliminating contact with household allergens) and prescribing desensitizing agents (diphenhydramine, suprastin, tavegil, etc.).

In the summer, allergic edema can occur after an insect bite. At external examination of almost all but seen the bite. Treatment and care for these patients are the same as for allergic edema of a different origin (see allergy ). 

TRAUMATIC Edema of the eyelids.
Edema can develop with trauma to the eyelids, eyeball, eye socket, skull. He is not seldom combined with deep lesions. Such pain nye should be carefully examined by oculists. Bleeding may occur under the ocular mucous membrane of apple with a significant increase in blood pressure and intracranial (with a strong cough, vomiting, with susceptible epilepsy et al.). Traumatic compression of the chest and fractures observed base are bleeding into the thick eyelids of both eyes, Recall huge capacity “glasses”. Maximum caution is required when transporting such patients.

The trauma may be accompanied by a violation of the integrity of the inner wall of the orbit, and the air of the paranasal sinuses (due to the lack of fat in the subcutaneous-stand Kamchatka century) spreads easily under the skin of the eyelids. The results in Tate this occurs emphysema of age, which is characterized crepitus (pohrustyvanie) by pressing the lid. 

If air enters the orbit, exophthalmos is noted In that FIR cases, we recommend the imposition of a pressure bandage on the eyes, contributing to a more rapid resorption of the air. Consultation with an otorhinolaryngologist is required.

INFLAMMATORY Edema of the eyelids

Characterized by pronounced skin turning red, Most often, inflammatory edema occurs in one eye, as a symptom of a local inflammatory process. When the feeling of the century is often possible to detect the locale Noe site of inflammation and pain.

Edema occurs as a result of inflammatory processes in the eyelid itself (barley, abscess, insect bite), conjunctiva of the eyelids (in this case, it can be combined with chemosis, i.e., edema of the conjunctiva of the eyeball), in the area of ​​the lacrimal sac or lacrimal gland, eye (inflammation of the iris infected pa neniya eyes, inflammation of the membranes of the eye – Panophthalmitis) in orbit, pneumatic sinuses and the tissue encircling guides the eye. The very existence of the inflammatory swelling of the eyelids requires careful study to establish a cart can be its cause, and depending on the cause and appropriate treatment.

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