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Beer alcoholism

What kind of beer alcoholism is this, which is more and more heard in our time? Yes, many have heard, and therefore it requires careful and careful consideration.

A refreshing, low-alcohol drink, which is consumed with great pleasure in hot weather, or when chatting with friends with dried seafood, or with ustatka, or after a bath. It seems like everything is harmless, but it’s kind of on the one hand.

The image of a drink, pleasant and light in taste, with which to have fun with friends, has long been shaped by advertising on TV. Well, really, if a person does not have alcohol addiction, then why not drink a can of beer that will help him relax after a hard day?

But the point is this – one can stop after one bottle. But the other person will continue to drink until the consciousness becomes clouded, increasing the dose to ten liters! Although it all began, it seemed, everything was harmless! Why is this happening?

Let’s try to understand what effect beer has on our body, of course, if it is thoughtlessly consumed in incredible quantities.

Drinking beer in large quantities negatively affects our liver, kidneys and brain, which ultimately threatens alcoholism. Beer, once in the body, threatens varicose veins, changes in the heart , which enlarges and becomes flabby, which contributes to its obesity. Such a heart is also called “bullish”.  

Beer is especially harmful for men. In beer, in small quantities, a female hormone is observed, which reduces the production of testosterone, a male hormone, which leads to significant hormonal changes in the male body. This manifests itself in the form of a beer belly and fat deposits in the thighs, breasts grow, hair disappears on the body and face.  

Beer contains vitamins C and B, useful for humans, if it is made from natural malt and hops, and they are perfectly absorbed by the body, but all this fades before the negative impact.

The beer is advertised as a drink with a low alcohol content, however, in some beers the alcohol content reaches 10 degrees. Alcohol is not harmless, plus various preservatives that are part of beer disrupt the work of human organs, and the sooner people start drinking beer, the faster this process of destruction goes.

Scientists have found that the foamy drink contains ” isomorphine “, which is very similar in structure to morphine, which in turn causes a quick mental dependence on it, and therefore alcohol.

Today beer is available to everyone from the age of 18, it is easy to drink in a company, it is consumed in huge quantities, and, unfortunately, in this case, the body drinking beer is imperceptibly negatively affected. This, over time, has a negative effect on the entire nervous system, causing dependence on beer, and, as a result, alcoholism. Beer alcoholism. 

Note that the dependence is caused not by the foamy drink itself, but by the alcohol that it contains. The main danger in beer alcoholism is that it comes unnoticed.

But, you can see its symptoms even at the initial stage: an irresistible craving and a constant desire to drink a bottle or a glass of beer, both alone and in a company, frequent memory lapses after drinking beer. Well, and the withdrawal syndrome of beer alcoholism is no different from ordinary alcoholism.

Beer, this weak drug. It slowly and gradually, step by step (like an octopus), seeps into our body and mind, destroying them from the inside. So should you even try beer or keep drinking it?

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