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To give up smoking

Let’s look at such a delicate topic as quitting smoking and changes in the body. Let’s define the cons. Refusal from the last smoked cigarette can provoke a feeling of hunger, in addition, the level of sugar in the body decreases and quitting smoking causes cravings for something sweet. 

That is why many smokers, quitting smoking, often gain weight, but not all.

The most common consequences and changes after smoking cessation are: mild depression, nervousness, insomnia, mood swings. All these symptoms of smoking cessation are pursued until the body begins to function normally.

These are, so to speak, those disadvantages of quitting smoking, after reading which, the following question naturally arises:

Why quit smoking?

Yes, but in order to get a comprehensive answer to it, you need to know all the advantages of quitting smoking, gaining benefits over smokers.

Let’s take a look – what are these advantages?

Smoking cessation changes

By quitting smoking , you will start to improve your image. How? Well, it’s a healthy lifestyle . You are in great physical shape, so new opportunities will open up for you, for example, in a career. Those who quit smoking receive financial benefits. Money is saved as the daily costs of cigarette packs are eliminated. No matter how much they argue on this topic, but the real savings from the fact that people quit smoking – thousands of rubles a month! And a year !? These are facts! 

Don’t believe me? Well, let’s count. If the cost of a pack of cigarettes is about 100 rubles, and you smoke a pack on average a day, then the savings per month in case of stopping smoking are 3000 rubles, and about 35,000 per year!

35 thousand is the money that could be spent on something useful, for example, a vacation or a family. Surely, for some, this alone will convince you to quit smoking.

After quitting smoking, the lungs will be cleared, and breathing will become easier, you will begin to enjoy the taste of your favorite food, to distinguish smells, as your sense of smell will be restored.

Your smoking-worn brain is finally working its full potential. General well-being, attention, memory will begin to recover. The smell from clothes will disappear, the breath will become fresh. Scientifically proven – life in case of quitting smoking will lengthen. People who smoke are more likely to develop lung cancer, strokes and heart attacks.

Daily tasks will be performed, the skin on the face and hands will become noticeably better, as the aging process will slow down. Will go away: chronic cough, headaches and fatigue. You, if I may say so – will get younger! If you decide to give birth to a child, then you will certainly be pleased with healthy and intelligent offspring. Indeed, smoking negatively affects potency, and sometimes leads to complete infertility. The consequence and significant change after quitting smoking will be a decrease in the likelihood of various diseases and health problems. 

We have provided only small data, which are quite enough to quit smoking . There is no such reason as to justify smoking. Do you still think and doubt? Not necessary! 

It is necessary, as soon as possible, to stop poisoning yourself with cancer sticks, to be their slave, and finally, to become a person free of nicotine!

Stop smoking and start living a healthy life! 

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