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How to celebrate the New Year soberly?

Recently, more and more people appear who do not drink alcohol even on holidays. New Year is coming soon, and if you want to celebrate the holiday soberly and at the same time cheerfully, without alcohol, then you can start preparing now. Think about where you want to meet the chimes and the beginning of the New Year, what will you do at this time. You can also think over a festive menu right now. We have experience of sober and cheerful New Year celebrations, and we will gladly share it with you, dear readers of the Healthy Portal . 

How to celebrate the New Year in a fun and sober way

Sober company or “one soldier in the field”?

It’s good if a whole teetotal company gathers for the New Year. It’s a great experience for kids. After all, we are an example for the younger generation, and they will be happy if adults will have fun with them without doping in the form of alcohol.

But if you are still the only one who is not going to drink champagne and other alcoholic drinks for the New Year, then there is no need to be upset. The main thing is not to be influenced and be true to your principles. By the way, you still have time to lure a few friends to your “white” side. Give arguments for a sober New Year. For example, tell us how great it is to feel light and fresh on the morning of January 1. And spending the long New Year’s holidays without alcohol is even better! A sober New Year can be a good start for the next year.  

If you have been leading a healthy lifestyle for a long time, then surely you have already formed your own circle of like-minded people? But it is not necessary to celebrate the holiday in the company, you can meet it cheerfully with your family.


First, let’s consider a simple option – you want to celebrate the New Year with a soulful and sober company. In order not to get bored, you have many ways. Today there are many inexpensive and interesting games that will come in handy on New Year’s Eve. Think over the program for the evening and night.

In addition to the traditional fireworks and roller coasters, you must definitely figure out what you will do after the chimes. If you are celebrating a holiday with children, then see the recommendations on the box with games. You can think of small prizes for winning teams. For everything to go smoothly, someone needs to take responsibility for the cultural program. Organize a masquerade ball, it won’t be boring for sure! 

There are also a lot of contests and games on the Internet. The presence of alcohol in the blood does not affect the degree of fun. Therefore, even without alcohol, it is interesting to celebrate the New Year. For a large company, there is a great option – to rent a recreation center in advance and go skiing, sledging or snowboarding for the New Year. If this is not possible, then a holiday in nature, surrounded by forests or mountains is also a good choice.  

You can rent a bathhouse for the New Year and arrange a holiday with contests there. Take a steam bath, dive into the snow and improve your health in a steam room with a broom.

Sober New Year with family

If you want to meet the beginning of the year with a narrow family circle, then you should not sit in front of the TV. You can also get board games, especially since many of them can be played by 3-4 participants. You can go outside on the eve of the chimes and meet the beginning of the year with fireworks.

Children will love the roller coaster ride with their sober parents. You can arrange a whole party for children. Become wizards for children! Search the internet for children’s games with contests. You can buy inexpensive gifts as prizes.  

Also a great option is to go out of town and there at the recreation center go for a ride on “cheesecakes” or snow-scooters, organize a picnic in the forest.

In a word, the fun of the New Year should not depend on the alcohol you drink. Champagne is a good substitute for regular lemonade or juice. Think over the holiday program, book the recreation center in advance, if you want to celebrate the holiday outside the city and everything will be magical and interesting!

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