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This disease is transmitted by contact, so a child in a children’s team with a contagious mollusk is quarantined until it is cured.

The disease is characterized by the appearance yellowish white nodules of up to 2 mm from the edge of the oval and Neboli shim recess in the center. They are often located in an domain on the inner corner of the lower eyelid close to the ciliary margin, and sometimes right on the edge of the lid is formed by several knots. When the process is localized at the edge of the eyelids, maceration of nodules occurs and a gruel-like mass is secreted into the conjunctival cavity. In such cases, irritated etsya connector shell, there is conjunctivitis. There is reason to consider molluscum contagiosum a viral disease, but the pathogen has not yet been identified.

Treatment includes the following activities: 

  • squeezing the contents node ka followed by cauterisation 1% alcoholic solution of brilliant green, sodium Lugol , 5% sodium nitrate, silver, 5% iodine tincture, lyapisnym pencil et al. Manipulating performed in an outpatient setting. 

Eversion of the eyelids. 

Occurs when the facial paralysis after trauma, burns, age, leading to scar deformation mation them on the background of chronic blepharitis, conjunctivitis, as well as in the elderly. The eyelid hangs downward, moves away from the eyeball, its conjunctiva is exposed. An eversion of the eyelid can lead to lacrimation, hypertrophy of the conjunctiva of the eyelids, and the eyeball.

The treatment of eversion is prompt. 

Eyelid reversal care includes: 

  • Processing conjunctival sac (instillation of anti septic solutions) laying vitamin ointments overnight.
  • Older people need to be trained in the correct you tyranny tears upon initial eversion. It is impossible to wipe a tear from his eyes down (it stretches the eyelid even more), you need to just get wet handkerchief, cotton swab the lower eyelid when zhimaya it to the eye.

TURN OF THE CENTURY. (usually lower). 

This is a disease in which the anterior ciliary edge of the eyelid turns to the eyeball. Thus the eyelashes as the brush, rubbed ro govitsu causing its damage or even ulceration. For the gate of the century happens in infants, the elderly and those suffering from inflammatory diseases of the eye and its accessory apparatus.

Treatment of a twist of the eyelid consists in identifying and eliminating its causes. In severe cases, the inversion is eliminated promptly. In mild cases, and before surgery, the eyelid is pulled with a strip of adhesive tape.

Care of patients with volvulus century we conclude etsya: 

  • The toilet conjunctival sac (installation antiseptic solutions), prevention of diseased cornea (laying antiseptic and vitamin ointments) as well as in skin care and cheeks century (at irritation zhenii its plaster).
  • You need to properly apply a band-aid for from tyagivaniya lower eyelid. Since the skin of the lower eyelid is abundantly moistened with a tear during spastic inversion, then when you try to pull the eyelid, the finger glides over the skin and the inversion cannot be eliminated – the adhesive plaster will not stick to the skin and will not hold the eyelid. Therefore, before pulling the century must be thoroughly dry his skin gauze fats fetkoy.
  • Sometimes muscle spasm century is so strong that it put the lid wrapped in a proper polo voltage is possible only when the pin, which is pulled down the lid, is enclosed one or two layers of gauze to your finger does not slide.
  • With mild BLOAT enough grease to Ms. lower eyelid collodion. With strong BLOAT it does not help and, in order to keep the lower eyelid on the right- Villeneuve position, it is necessary to delay it down od Noah or two strips of adhesive tape.

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