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How to treat insomnia?

Home remedies for controlling insomnia for healthy but easily excitable people are reduced, first of all, to compliance with the right sleep regimen and simple restful procedures before bedtime. With prolonged insomnia, along with the treatment prescribed by a doctor, it is necessary to regularly take some simple natural remedies for a certain period of time.

To prevent the occurrence of insomnia, you should lie down and get up at the same time, observing the biological rhythm that is natural for the body. It is best to go to bed early and get up early.

If you only have a brief period of insomnia, such as stress, changes in diet and the use of dietary supplements can help you restore normal sleep.

Correctly composed diet will gradually bring to normal your weight and fat content in the body; as a result, you can sleep better.

Especially often, elderly people and those engaged in mental work suffer from insomnia. Most of them, to constantly be in good shape, drink strong tea or coffee in large quantities. It’s not enough to say that this is bad for the body. Weakened by lack of sleep, the body can no longer fight alone, even with minor disabilities. People suffering from sleep disorders become inattentive, distracted, irritable; Over time, they can develop such diseases as hypertension, obesity and even diabetes.

Nevertheless, insomnia can and should be treated. For this purpose, use both medical chemicals, prescribed by doctors, and natural. The latter are more popular. This is due to the fact that non-traditional medicine offers products that have a softer effect, have fewer side effects, and most of them can be used by people suffering from any other diseases. It should be said that a properly formulated medicinal dose can relieve not only of insomnia, but also of concomitant illness.

Do not go to bed and do not try to sleep if you do not want to sleep. Try not to sleep during the day, even when you want. Do not go to bed too early. Observe the diet. Do not eat before bed, after 18:00 do not drink toning drinks (hot chocolate, coffee, tea). Try to exercise 2-3 times a week and exercise every day in the mornings or during the day gymnastics, avoid heavy loads before going to sleep. Relaxing hiking or cycling before going to bed,

Do not go to sleep in irritation. Try to relax for the night – for this are good water procedures, light massage, meditation, an interesting (but not exciting) book.

Establish rules for preparing for bed and follow them. Teach yourself to go to bed at the same time. If you can not fall asleep, read a little or listen to soft music. Create in the bedroom a comfortable environment: before going to bed, ventilate the room, eliminate foreign sounds, if they disturb you, if the air in the bedroom is too dry – put a humidifier in it.

Do not take alcohol as a hypnotic, although many can recommend it in small doses. Indeed, in some cases alcohol contributes to better sleep, but this is an apparent improvement: sleep becomes shallow (superficial), fragmented, often short, alcohol can also cause morning headaches, weakness, decreased performance during the day, which in turn , exacerbates insomnia.

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